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    • Free Wedding PowerPoint Templates September 11, 2010
      Here are some free wedding PowerPoint templates Download free wedding PowerPoint templates here. Other Tips: Burn wedding PowerPoint to DVD for viewing presentations on TV Convert wedding PowerPoint to video for sharing presentations online Advertisements
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Free Wedding PowerPoint Templates

Posted by gaochuhan on September 11, 2010

Here are some free wedding PowerPoint templates

Download free wedding PowerPoint templates here.

Other Tips:
Burn wedding PowerPoint to DVD for viewing presentations on TV
Convert wedding PowerPoint to video for sharing presentations online


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How to Brand PowerPoint Presentations by Customizing Template

Posted by gaochuhan on September 11, 2010

Applies to: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

There are four levels to use PowerPoint templates.
Level 1
It is the primary level. You just open or new a new PowerPoint presentation. The default background is white without any images or decorations.
It is dull, not colorful, not attractive.

Level 2
The second level is to use the templates come with Office Suite which contains PowerPoint.
The number of such templates is limited. Most people choose to use these defaulted templates, who may do not care much about the layout of their presentations. Therefore, you should view many presentations with the same standard templates in all kinds of symposiums, meetings, forums and conferences. It is not attractive enough and can be outstanding out there.

Level 3
You may want to be different with the ones who use the defaulted templates in PowerPoint. Hence, you use some downloaded the stock ones from Microsoft Office Online or some other free or paid PowerPoint templates providers.
Still, it would take you much time to download and select a proper template for your purpose or subject.

Level 4
Last, as you want to make a presentation with your own style or with your own brand, you may want to apply special background using your own image for your PowerPoint presentation.
The benefits of your own design far outweigh the cost of time to choose or buy a proper one.

How to Brand PowerPoint Slide Shows by Customizing Template?
You can customize your own templates bases on Level 1 from a blank template, or Level 2 from a standard template, or Level 3 from a stock template.

I would take the first choice which is based on a blank template in this tutorial.
->> Step 1
Open or New a PowerPoint presentation.

->> Step 2
Click main menu View, click Slide Master from the Presentation Views group. (PowerPoint 2007)
(If you have PowerPoint 2003: From View -> Master -> Slide Master)
A new tab and window names Slide Master would display for you to design the slide master.

There is one theme slide on the most top. You are allowed to adjust the font, font size and the font color here.
There are also some other inner slides. A one named Title Slide Layout which is going to be our template for the first slide. Another one named Title and Content Layout which is going to be the template for the inner slides. There two are most commonly used layouts.

You can follow the steps below to customize the background of them.

->> Step 3
Click Background Style and choose Format Background.
A new window would pop up for you to customize the background.

->> Step 4
Choose the third choice Picture or texture fill and then click File… to browse and locate the picture you want to add as the background image.
In order to make an appropriate background, you need to adjust the picture size and aspect ratio to the same as your presentation.
You may need to experiment a little.

->> Step 5
You can set different background for the title slide or the inner slides. Or else, you can click Apply to All to slide layout.
You can also adjust the Transparency by dragging the slide bar to the value you like.

->> Step 6
Besides adding background image for your whole inner slides or the title slide.
You can also browse and find other GIF or other small vivid clip-art or other accessories to decorate the template. You just copy it and then paste it to the Title and Content Layout. You can also drag it using mouse to any where you want.
You can also change the properties by double clicking the accessories.
You can also add company logo or Web site URL to your Content Layout. Here below a sample screenshot.

->> Step 7
Done! Close the slide master window to get back to the editing mode.
Save File As .POTX (or .POT in 2003) which is how templates are saved in PowerPoint.
Your template is ready!

This solution is also the guide you can follow to change the background of your PowerPoint template.
And if you want to just change the background of a certain slide, you can customize the background from main menu Design -> Background Style to format the background.
You can also click Apply to All to set the picture as the background for whole slide show.

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Free Christian PowerPoint Templates

Posted by gaochuhan on September 11, 2010

Here are some free Christian PowerPoint Templates

free christian powerpoint template

Download Free Christian PowerPoint templates here: http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/freetemplates/free-christian-powerpoint-templates.html

Other Tips:
Burn Christian PowerPoint to DVD for viewing presentations on TV
Convert Christian PowerPoint to Video for sharing conviniently

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Use PPT Advertising to Promote your Product Easily

Posted by gaochuhan on September 21, 2009

Advertising is always considered as an important part of product promotion. But advertising usually costs a lot, so how to get the greatest return while with the minimum input? Get rid of the shackles of advertising agencies, you can now make in-house advertising video or DVD with your own effort easily, that is, creating video or DVD product advertisement based on PowerPoint – PPT advertising

  • 1> Creating video or DVD advertisement with PowerPoint helps store owners or companies save big budget compared asking video production agencies to do this.

  • 2> PPT advertising enables users to form the content of the advertisement freely. Product pictures, descriptions, promotion details, and relevant video clips can be listed in a sequence in PPT according to the purpose of the advertisement.

  • 3> The carefully designed PPT advertisement can be displayed on TV through DVD players or on digital signage.

  • 4> You can easily change the promotion information only by updating the relevant product information and PowerPoint template. And then with a RW DVD disc, another video or DVD PPT ad will come out.

  • 5> Grow your business with no weekly or monthly fees to update your promotion advertising DVD/video periodically. 

Now that so many advantages we can take from PPT advertising, let’s see how to create a promotional advertisement with PowerPoint right away. Here I take an ice scream promotion for example.

Step 1: Choose a proper PowerPoint template for your PPT advertisement

Make sure it can reflex what you do. Here you can find many delicate free PowerPoint templates from Wondershare. 

Step 2: Show what you want to display to customers in the PowerPoint

You can add various elements in PPT advertisement, such as pictures, words, animations, voices, and even videos. Here is a screenshot of what I display about the different taste of ice creams.

Step 3: Add information that may attract your customer

If there is any discount information that can attract your customer, do add this to your PPT advertising.

PPT advertising 

Step 4: Check your PPT advertising and make it more delicate

Carefully check your PowerPoint advertisement after you finish doing it. Make changes to it if necessary. For more pleasant visual effect, you can reference the PowerPoint operating skills here. 

Step 5: Burn the PowerPoint advertisement onto DVD discs or convert it to video

By doing this, you can display your PPT advertisement on TV or through electronic panels in your store or company. To realize this, you can try this PowerPoint to DVD burner and PowerPoint to Video converter

To make your PPT advertising more professional, here are some other aspects you should pay attention to

  • 1> Know what is the primary purpose of your PPT advertisement
  • 2> Show what unique benefits can you offer customers, and at whom you are aiming this PowerPoint ad
  • 3> Know what response you want to get from your audience 

With the tips above and your delicate design, I believe, your first PPT advertising would be perfect and rewarding. Save your money, and use your talent to boom your sales with PPT advertising now.

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How to Enhance Digital Photo for Photo Album Making

Posted by gaochuhan on August 25, 2009

We may take many photos on Holidays and events, like Birthday, Wedding, and Reunion. With these beautiful or funny pictures, we would like to make a photo album with animation and music to bring more life to the pictures.

If you have PowerPoint, it is recommended in my old posts to make digital photo album.

Before we start to add photos to our photo album project, we may need to optimize or enhance the picture with some special effects.

We do not have professional photo editing tool Photoshop. What can we do?

Don’t worry. We can use some online free photo editor to do this.

The following two recommended websites would help you.



We can use them to:

1> Rotate, Crop and Resize it.

2> Adjust its basic effects.

3> Enhance it by applying special or artistic effects.

4> Add frames, texts (or glitter texts) or even watermark.

Here below are three samples made by me.

To remove the red-eye with one click


To add frame


To apply artistic effect and add glitter text


Besides these kinds of online editor, you can also use some shareware to make photo collages for the photo album, digital scrapbook.

If you have Windows PC, you may try this Photo Collage.

If you have Mac, you may try this iCollage tool.

Article from:


Enjoy it, share it.

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Create a back-to-school Slideshow

Posted by gaochuhan on August 19, 2009

As summer vacation goes to the end, the new semester begins. Kids should go back to school. Through the long holiday, they would miss each other very much. Thus, it would be a wonderful idea for teachers to hold a story-telling class. Teachers can ask students to collect their summer vacation stories and make into story slideshows by themselves, and then show the story with others. It is good for improving the relationship among students and also cultivating their various interests, broadening their view sights.

Besides, it is a fun way to integrate literacy and technology into the multimedia classroom. The following are the steps on how teachers to hold such an activity.

1. Ask students prepare the story slideshow

Step 1: Choose tool and prepare resources

A computer with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or any other early versions installed.

As a teacher, you can also provide your kids with some stunning PowerPoint templates. You can find some educational PowerPoint templates from the link below.


Step 2: Create a story slideshow

Part I -Prepare Slides

Help each student to create an about 5 slides story PowerPoint slideshow with some interesting and special things happened during their summer vacation.

Part II – Import the photos and add descriptions

When students begin to import the photos to the presentation, you can help them to edit photo shapes in PowerPoint to make their photos look more beautiful and perfect. Please follow the simple steps below: Open PowerPoint 2007 -> Insert -> Images -> Choose photos. Then double click a photo, you can see the Picture Tools options in the tool bar. With it, you can get any picture style or shape you want because more than a hundred shapes are provided here. Comparing with other photo editing tools, I think PowerPoint editor is really convenient and easy-to-use. When you settle down the issue of photo edition, now you can help them to add some descriptions to their story slideshows.

Back to School Slideshow

2. Students share story slideshows one by one in story-telling class

When slideshows are completed, now it is the time for children to share their story slideshows in story-telling class. It is a good way to develop the skills of telling story for children to share story slideshow in the front of classmates. Here are some points you can remind children to pay more attention to while sharing story slideshows.

• Don’t stare at the story slideshow all the time, just recite all the information from memory.

• Ask some questions to attract the attention of your classmates. When they give a correct answer to your question you presented, they can win a piece of candy or something else. It is a good way to ask them to interactive with you.

• Be self-confident while speaking. Don’t talk monotonously like Ben Stein, have some flare.

• Put some comedic relief into your story slideshow to relieve a little bit of the boredom, maybe something tiny about half-way through the story slideshow.

3. Teachers integrate all story slideshows to one back-to-school slideshow

After the story-telling class, you can integrate all story slideshows to one back-to-school slideshow as a souvenir. Following are some advices for you to create a back-to-school slideshow.

•Prepare a wonderful introduction and ending for the back-to-school slideshow. In addition, you can add some good wishes or new semester goals for children.

•Choose an appropriate song for the back-to-school slideshow.

4. Enjoy the back-to-school slideshow together

Now you can enjoy the back-to-school slideshow with your students together through the Projector. Furthermore, if you want to distribute it to your kids and even to the ones who do not have computers, and also want to share it with your friends or put it online, you can convert slideshow to video with the help of Wondershare PPT to Video or Convert Slideshow to DVD to View Slideshow on TV with your family members.

If you are a teacher, you can get all PowerPoint conversion programs with 40% discount during our Back to School Offer. For full details pelease contact them.

Enjoy it and wish you have a good beginning of the new semester.

Enjoy it, share it.

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A Better Way to Host Summer Family Reunion – Enjoy Genealogy Slideshow

Posted by gaochuhan on July 22, 2009

A Better Way to Host Summer Family Reunion – Enjoy Genealogy Slideshow


Summer vacation is the perfect time of one year for people to hold their annual family reunion. Therefore, summer family reunion is very popular.

Each year, we have experienced our reunion with all kinds of activities such as planting a tree, organizing a family softball /volleyball game, enjoying the sunshine at a beach and so on. Would you want to spend this family reunion in a meaningful and economical way during such recession time? Here below is a one-day gathering timeline and activity outline.

Activity outline of this summer vacation

  • • Morning~noon: Drive to get together around noon
  • • Afternoon: Have a simple lunch and then enjoy genealogy slideshow made with memorable pictures, from the new babies to the proud grandparents
  • • Night: Hold a Night BBQ along with talent show to bring your own karaoke music

You do not need to go out farther and do not need to pay for the recreation ground to save your budget. Certainly, you can incorporate some other activities to plan a two-day reunion.

Create a genealogy slideshow
1>Things to be prepared

  • A computer with PowerPoint installed, or some other photo slideshow software
  • Pictures of family members

If you have a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you can make a family album to remember and cherish the special moments of each member in your family history. And you do not need to buy and learn to use other photo slideshow software.

2>Steps to create a genealogy slideshow

Step 1: Collect pictures

You should ask other family members to provide pictures.
Pictures on special events or funny pictures about your family members would be OK. Pictures and video clips of both new babies and grandparents are required.

Step 2: Save all the digital pictures and the scanned ones in a new document with a name of family album.

Step 3: Create a family reunion slideshow with PowerPoint and you can start the album with the pictures of your forefathers, and then the younger ones, at last the kids.

Step 4: Add a number of vivid caption bubbles to describe the pictures and bring more life to this slideshow.

Step 5: Add video clips to your slideshow

You can add some family video clips that you have collected from the family member to spice up your slideshow. Click here to know how to add videos to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 6: Add music to your slideshow

Click the article How to Add Music Song to PowerPoint Presentation to know the details.
Recommended sweet songs

Here is a list of songs that really show an appreciation and love between or for family members, you can choose one of them to add to your slideshow.

“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

“Then They Do” by Trace Adkins

“Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris

“My Front Porch Looking In” by Lonestar

“I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Well done! A meaningful genealogy slideshow is completed ahead of your family reunion.

Enjoy the genealogy slideshow

Family members can enjoy the genealogy slideshow that you created after lunch. You can view it on computer with your family together. I also want to suggest you view PowerPoint slideshow on wide screen TV or plasma if you have a big family.

To view PowerPoint slideshow on TV, you need to save your PowerPoint to DVD. There are many ways to burn PowerPoint to DVD. An all-on-one PowerPoint to DVD burner named PPT2DVD is recommended. With the built-in burner of this PowerPoint to DVD converter, you can make duplicated copies by burning the output DVD folder or image (iso) file to blank DVDs without converting it again. Then you can disperse it to your relatives for long preserve and memory.

During the Night BBQ and talent show, you may also take vast amount of pictures. In the same way, you can create and distribute the slideshow to other members. You can also make karaoke music DVD with this method.

Enjoy it and have a nice summer family reunion.

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Share your memories about Michael Jackson

Posted by gaochuhan on July 8, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson (born August 29, 1958) is an American musician, entertainer and businessman who passed away at 2.26PM local time on 26th June 2009 at the UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles. Cardiac arrest was said to be the cause of death….

Now Michael Jackson has left us. People all around the world recalled Michael Jackson by their own ways. Here are three most memorable roles he was successfully played.

Michael Jackson is a musical brilliance-

“I was lucky enough to know and work with Michael Jackson in his prime. Michael was an extraordinary talent and a truly great international star. He had a troubled and complicated life and despite his gifts, remains a tragic figure. My wife, Deborah, and I will always have great affection for him.” lauds John Landis, the director of the music videos “Thriller” and “Black or White”.

Michael Jackson is a philanthropist-

Michael Jackson supported dozens of charities during his life, including USA for Africa, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. A Pop Star reportedly listed him in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.” The number was 39.

Michael Jackson is an entertainer-

“I am so saddened by the loss of a great idol and icon, Michael Jackson,” the ‘American Idol’ judge tells Spinner. “He was, to me, the greatest entertainer of all time. He was a huge inspiration for performers across all music genres. He taught us all how to light up the stage.”

Michael Jackson has passed away, but he will always remembered by people.One way is to make DVD slide show with his music.

In addition, if you have PowerPoint and are a fan of PowerPoint, you may use PowerPoint to create a photo slide show with music. You can find some splendid Michael Jackson’s templates below here:

When completing your PowerPoint slide show, you may want to preserve long for memory, then you can convert your PowerPoint presentation to DVD with a third-party tool to help you. You can find a convert tool from Google “PPT2DVD”. This PowerPoint to DVD converter named PPT2DVD is recommended. After using this method, you can distribute Michael Jackson’s slideshows with DVD copies, display the presentation on TV.

Moreover, you may also want to share your slide show with all subtleties retained in the original PowerPoint, such as animations, transitions, sounds and video clips on website, like YouTube. Then you can convert your Michael Jackson’ PowerPoint presentation to video with a certain format that can be accepted by YouTube. Check out the PowerPoint on YouTube tool. In addition, here is a sample video “Share your memories about Michael Jackson” on YouTube, check it out below:

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How to view powerpoint presentation on TV

Posted by gaochuhan on June 29, 2009

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used by people. You may use it to create company profiles, informative presentations, presentations on your products or services. Have you ever imagined transferring them to DVD for viewing PowerPoint presentations on TV sets? Thus, you can:

1. Distribute the DVD copies that contained company profile out to potential and existing customers to avoid printing them.

2. Display the informative presentation on TV for waiting room, lobby or foyer.

3. Make in-housing DVD advertising slideshow for your menu board of your restaurant, nightclub, ice cream store, or hot books in your bookstore, and so on.

Then, how can we view PowerPoint on TV? The method to view PowerPoint on standard TV is different from the method to view PPT through Apple TV.

View PowerPoint on stand TV with DVD player

To play PowerPoint presentation on TV, you need to use a solution to save your PowerPoint presentation to DVD. A time-effective method is to use an all-in-one PPT to DVD converter that retain all subtleties in the original PowerPoint, such as animations, transitions, sounds, video clips, and even hyperlinks between slides!

Wondershare PPT2DVD is recommended. Moreover,it is an easy-to-use utility that could burn your PPT into blank DVD disc so that you could watch PPT on TV or other media player without a computer. Follow the steps to convert PowerPoint to DVD:

Step 1: Download and install PPT2DVD converter. Start it and mount an empty DVD disc.

Step2: Choose Standard DVD as the output choice.

Step3: Import PowerPoint presentation with PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX entensions which you want to save to DVD. You can import up to 12 files at one time.

Step4: Do choose the right TV standard and leave other advanced settings as default for the first testing.

Step5: Choose the right DVD menu theme you want or customize it.

Step6: Tick Burn to Disc and click Start the converting and burning process.

After conversion and burning, you can play your PowerPoint presentations with PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX extensions on TV through DVD player.

Obviously, this is a time-effective and easy-to-use method for viewing PowerPoint on TV. Anyway, DVD player is very cheap, at the some time, it is convenient for distribution after burning PowerPoint to DVD.

Watch PowerPoint on TV via Apple TV

Apple TV is a network device that allows consumers to use an HDTV set to view photos, play music and watch video that originates from an Internet media service or a local network. When you want to watch PowerPoint on TV via Apple TV, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Convert PowerPoint to certain Video formats like MP4 that can accepted by iTunes and sync. You can use this tool PowerPoint to Apple TV. You can also use PPT2DVD converter or PPT to Video converter help you convert the certain format that can accepted by Apple TV.

Step 2: Upload the video to iTunes and sync to Apple TV, then you can watch you presentation on you HDTV.

Further benefits to view PPT on TV

• Show presentations with everybody without a computer.

• Share your slideshows to others widely and freely, because TV sets and DVD player are very popular.

• Prevent your presentations be modified by others.

• Preserve your slideshows for a long time

After using these methods, we can distribute the company profile with DVD copies, display the informative presentation on TV in waiting room, lobby or foyer, and make in-housing DVD advertising slideshow easily. Actually, by saving PowerPoint to DVD, you can also create training DVD, annual report, and photo slideshow and so on.

Enjoy it, share it.

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Reduce the Size of PowerPoint Slideshow for e-mail

Posted by gaochuhan on June 25, 2009

ProblemI just made a slide show of my honeymoon to Hawaii with PowerPoint. I want to share it with my friends and relatives. However, it is too big to send as e-mail attachment. What can I do?

You need to reduce the size of your PowerPoint slideshow. The following solutions will help you reduce the size of your PowerPoint.

1. Change graphics file formats to reduce the size of PowerPoint:

There may be many images in graphic formats like bitmap (.bmp) in your PowerPoint presentation. You can open bitmap images with a program like Microsoft accessory tool -Paint to converts images and save them in one of the following graphic file formats: jpg, gif, tif, wmf to make your presentation smaller. Once your images have been saved under another format, you can reinsert it into your slide.
It is a little time-consuming to save all the images again if there are lots of pictures.

2. Use file Save as :

This method can reduce the size of the file by up to 50% in some cases.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint slide show.
Step 2: Click Microsoft office button

  • Under the pop-up window click save as arrow.
  • In the file type dropdown list Choose PowerPoint presentation
  • Type a new name and click save.

3. Compress Pictures in PowerPoint:

Compress pictures in your presentation, then you can optimize the size by compressing pictures.

Step1: click the picture to bring up the Picture Tools

  • Under the picture tool tab just Click Format
  • In the Adjust group click Compress Pictures

Step2: on the Compress Pictures window choose the Options…

Step3: on the Compression Settings window:

  • Compression options: automatically perform basic compression on save and delete cropped areas of pictures.
  • Target output: Choose E-mail (96 ppi) output to reduce the size of PowerPoint Click ok.

4. Converting your PowerPoint presentation to flash:

You could try to convert your presentation to Flash and send the Flash file to others. The music will be embedded in Flash presentation. And then the flash slide show could be show on other computers without any problems.

Some third party presentation tool such as Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard can help you do this work. You can convert it with one click. Of course, all the original effect can be retained in Flash. Alternatively, you can also convert your PowerPoint presentation to video.

If your slide show is too large with hundreds of MB, you may also consider saving it on DVD for distributing and sharing. Wondershare PPT2DVD would help you save your PowerPoint slide show to DVD with music and all animations retained.

Share it, save it!

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